Learn how to live low-carb
using my unique
stepwise method

The best low-carb course with guided live support and all the tools you'll need. Video lessons, workbooks, Q&A sessions, templates and so much more. the most successful low-carb course.

Finally ... there is a guided LIVE course to teach you how to live low-carb, for life.


All using my simple and unique STEPWISE method. 

What to enjoy. What to avoid. Separate the truth from the myths.

Guided LIVE course

VIDEO lessons


Resources & Guides



Learn top tips from previous students. These tips gave them phenomenal success that you can have too .


See what previous students say. Just imagine what YOUR new low-carb life will look like and how that feels


Once you've been through my 4-week quickstart programme, you're eligible to join my TRIBE membership.  

"The stepwise approach REALLY works ..."

This course is amazing, the support is tremendously helpful, I have been able to cut out my sugar and cravings. I have lost 2 pants sizes as well as 2 top sizes.

The stepwise approach really works, I tried doing keto 6 months ago and never understood why I was craving so much junk, well that is because I quit a high carb eating plan cold turkey and I failed until I found this course ...[read more]

- Julie, Canada


  • FINALLY be in control of your appetite, rather than it be in control of YOU?
  • Learn how to give up sugar and junk food WITHOUT feeling deprived?
  • Lose weight effortlessly with my unique STEPWISE method.
  • STOP worrying about the calories, the fat and the points ... EVER again!
  • Have amazing energy, feel uplifted, and have stable blood sugars. 
  • Live the life YOU deserve. Happy, healthy and fun loving YOU.
Libby Jenkinson, low-carb and keto

Libby Jenkinson, MPS

Ditch The Carbs.com

Hi there, I'm Libby, a pharmacist, mother of 3 and founder of Ditch The Carbs. One of the world's top low-carb websites. I post recipes, videos, articles and run one of the most popular online low-carb support groups.

After years of helping millions of people worldwide to lose weight and regain their health through low-carb nutrition, I'm proud to announce my 4-week low-carb foundation course. I will guide you every step of the way.

The doors only open 4 times each year so don't miss out. 



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"Thank you for changing lives ... dramatic but true. ..."

Doing this course has made me realise so many things that have made my low carb journey stall. I’ve learnt so much during the four weeks. Libby’s advice has been invaluable. Now my appetite has decreased and I don’t need to snack between meals ... I’m trying to persuade both my daughters to do the next one.
Libby answered every question ... The videos were very informative too, and you can watch them at your own pace. Jeans all fit again, husband lost a stone, acid reflux gone ... [read more]

- Janey, UK