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Module 0 Handbook


There are two levels within Ditch The Carbs PRO.

COURSE + SUPPORT - monthly or annual membership -  You have immediate access to your low-carb course PLUS the entire library of membership lessons, PRO Facebook group, weekly Q&A and mini-challenges.

COURSE ONLY - NO SUPPORT - this is a stand alone option with no support, a single payment with no recurring subscriptions.


The PRO Facebook group, group coaching, mini-challenges and live aspects DO NOT apply to COURSE ONLY buyers.

If you wish to upgrade to a monthly or annual membership, please  CLICK HERE  and choose the membership that is right for you, then email me [email protected] and I will refund you the course fee you have already paid and give you full access.

CONGRATULATIONS for being the newest member of Ditch The Carbs PRO.

Are you ready for the most amazing transformation over the next few weeks?

It will be fun. It will be hard. It will be uplifting. And you certainly won't be the same person.

I am so excited you are here and ready to begin your new low-carb journey, but first I need to give you a guided tour.

Let's get to work

Everything you need to know is in the Module 0 Handbook above. But don't worry, I'll walk you through each step here too.

Your fun welcome maze

1: How to access the website - congratulations are here so you must have received the first email from me with your login details for the private website and the members only area for all your modules, lessons and resources.

Keep your website login and password details written down so you can easily login.

2: How to access your newsletters - head over to your email and add me to your contacts [email protected]

This will ensure all my emails will reach you and not land in some weird and wonderful spam folder.

3: How to access the Facebook group (** for monthly/annual members only) - if some of you haven't joined the Ditch The Carbs - PRO private community yet, simply CLICK HERE and one of my team will let you in within 24 hours.

The private website is for the CONTENT, the group is for the COMMUNITY.

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