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I no longer crave junk food – Yeah!

I no longer crave junk food and do not eat large portions. Yeah! I eat sensibly!I love Libby and the supportive community.Several times I have “called Jenny” and have had success a couple of times but never have been able to keep it off – hence the reason why I needed to keep going back to it. I was limited on what I could eat with that program because I’m not a fan of too many eggs and I do not eat any red meat (no pork or beef) – this lead me to repetitive meals so I was bored very quickly. “That” program was VERY expensive. Now I can cook meals for me and my daughter. I have always loved to cook and now I can do this for both of us while reaching our dietary goals.

Ann, US

Bye bye to -2.1kg, -7cm (waist)

Easy to follow, a practical programme that reminded me of why I went LCHF in the first place. A good reboot for me to get going with it again. A non-judgemental programme that allows you to learn and experiment with what works for you. -2.1kg, -7cm (waist) – gone!


Joining the course was the best thing I could do.

Joining the course was the best thing I could do. It was highly motivating and providing great support on a more personal level. Definitely, recommend.I have lost 2.8 kg in 4 weeks, I think I sleep better which is a very very big improvement for me as I have been a light and trouble sleeper for my entire life. I also feel lighter and quite good in general.

Absolutely enjoyed it and already joined the membership. Very excited.


Thank-you for changing lives … dramatic but true.

Doing this course has made me realise so many things that have made my low carb journey stall. I’ve learnt so much during the four weeks. Libby’s advice has been invaluable. My portion sizes were all wrong and I was eating carbs In foods I didn’t know they were in. Now my appetite has decreased and I don’t need to snack between meals, I am armed with the knowledge I need to keep me fuller from meal to meal. The course is so easy to follow and having the Facebook group helped greatly. I’m trying to persuade both my daughters to do the next one ????????The Q&A sessions were very good, Libby answered every question and gave lots of extra information as well. The videos were very informative too, and you can watch them at your own pace, revisiting any whenever you want. The Facebook group is a brilliant idea it’s so nice to be with people with a shared interest, we all encouraged each other and helped each other where we could, if we struggled with something Libby would jump in with her pearls of LCHF wisdom ☺️My husband lost a stone, I have lost 5lbs (not weighed myself for a week or measured because not at home) but everyone has said I have lost weight. Jeans all fit again (getting a little loose) and best of all by week 4 my acid reflux has gone a real bonus. We have thoroughly enjoyed all the Ditch The Carb recipes we have tried. Libby kept saying ‘leftovers are king’ a day at the beginning of the course I thought she was mad we never have leftovers but… 4 weeks on we have a freezer full, too full to eat even her suggested portions win-win shopping bills will be down. Thank you, Libby, so much for all the work and commitment you have put into changing lives. Bit dramatic perhaps, but true. My daughter suffers with PCOS so I’m planning on getting her on board and hopefully add to your baby count. Sorry to the pharmacy world ????

Janey, Bedford UK

4.5kg and 18.5cm – gone!

Fantastic! Kept me on the right path even though I had a couple of blowouts. 4.5kg and 18.5cm. Feeling much happier and confident. This is great cos I have chronic depression/anxiety. Thank you.


The easiest weight loss program I’ve ever been on.



I’m now into my fifth month and I’m finding that my desire to eat seems to diminish daily. When I first started out I would have three small meals a day, but I soon found myself eating only two meals a day with a piece of cheese as a lunchtime snack. I very much enjoy the foods I’m eating and I do have a healthy appetite but I tend to feel full quickly. I have to say that this is the easiest weight loss program I’ve ever been on. <3

Susan, USA

I love everything about PRO!

Old habits stalk me like a shadow. But PRO is a bright, fresh supportive environment that keeps luring me forward.

Everything! The fresh ideas every day, and the ability to get advice and answers quickly when I need it. Voices in my feed from PRO are all so motivational – folks who are struggling help me to look closer at my own strategies, while folks who are succeeding help to guide me with the tips that helped them.

In 3 months, my daily BSugar has dropped from a daily average of 16 to a daily average of 6. I’m sleeping 7 hours a day now instead of 3. I don’t feel sick on metformin anymore because I no longer take it. Oh, and I’ve lost 22.4 kilos, and still counting…

Ani from Downunder

I deliberated over spending the money on this course but …

I’m feeling the benefits already. I just realised this morning that the pain in my joints has gone!! I’ve lost 6lbs already and I feel in control of what I eat.

I deliberated over spending the money on this course but I told myself that I am worth every penny. Thank you Libby Jenkinson and all you DTC friends for the ongoing support and encouragement.

It really does make all the difference #quickwins #LoveYourself #ProgressNotPerfection

Susan, USA

I treated myself with a ‘belated 55 yr birthday gift’ of my Membership!

I loved PRO and treated myself with a ‘belated 55 yr birthday gift’ of my Membership! I’ve been Low Carb for over a year but seems things have gotten ‘stuck’ since I turned 55.

When I joined PRO, I had several “Ah-Ha” moments and things started to move again. I think that not only does Libby put things in perspective but the ‘no judging’ and ease in the “Ditch the Carb” universe is such a positive as well!

I’ve learned so much more in this past month or so than I did when I started Low Carb in 2018 at the advice of my dr. He gave me a rudimentary “Atkins” outline of what to do.

Angela, Maryland USA

I wish this course was around 6 months ago

I wish this program was around when I started low carb about 6 months ago. The internet is so full of confusing and conflicting information, but Libby explains everything in a very easy way to understand.

Darren, Las Vegas

Libby … you have done what I couldn’t do, husband has gone low-carb also and reversed his T2 diabetes

This course has filled all the gaps in for me but the biggest success was my husband joining me in this new way of life.. Libby, you have done what I couldn’t..no more battles about what he’s eating and he has reversed his T2 diabetes!!!I have lost weight, inches, sleeping better, halved my BP meds.


Your patience and encouragment is really appreciated

Enjoyed everything but particularly the Facebook Live sessions. This is what “made it real to me. Seeing other people’s questions, having you explain about products. Also your patience and encouragement is really appreciated.


I love not being hungry, better sleep.

To get back in the LCHF groove. Went back to USA in May and gained some weight back so joined the PRO membership. I need the repetition. I met Libby a year or two ago when my husband first started Keto, Loved her instantly! Husband not doing as well on Keto as I do. He stress eats whatever he can find. I’m getting us back on Keto at least at home and when I can.Just joined the membership, and love having a place to ask questions, find recipes, see what others are doing and what y’all think.I lost over 30 lbs (about 15kg’s I think) the first time, gained 10-15 lbs back and now want to lose 20+. Inches have changed for the better and even gaining some weight back I’ve stayed in my smaller clothes. I love not being hungry, better sleep, and I did stop drinking alcohol altogether. I still crave bread and some sweets at times, but getting better. Looking forward to living my best life!

Gina, California

Libby is a true inspiration and sincerely cares about everyone she is trying to help.

Libby is a true inspiration and a great teacher. She takes the time to explain everything in detail and answers your questions very quickly, whether by email or live sessions. She is encouraging and sincerely cares about everyone she is trying to help.

Maria, New Jersey

What a lifesaver.

I have been over 100 kg for just on forty years. This was and is my last ditch attempt to start a healthy journey. Libby saved me. I’m now 99kg after the four-week course. Still losing, slow but steady. My T2 is getting under control, my liver and kidney functions are now at 100%. And my depression is under control. What a lifesaver.The community is amazing. Supportive and understanding. After all, we’ve all been there. The lives give a great emotive connection.As above, all of these. Cooking is again my passion.

Gwen, Australia

I’ve learned cooking tips and tricks that will help me stay on track for the rest of my life.

Having used an LCHF diet to lose weight for surgery, I was already familiar with the effect carbs had on me; however, I was in a stall and needed to recommit to an LCHF lifestyle. I decided to take the 4-week course as a way to get back in line and start losing weight, again. Although I lost enough weight to have the surgery, I need to lose much more weight to attain my goal. Having done many diets in the past, I realize this is the first “diet”, or as I prefer to call it, “lifestyle” that I can live with.Personally, I really enjoyed the personal help and attention from Libby. She is a wealth of information and is very user-friendly. She breaks everything down in such a way that it is easier for her users to understand. I plan to continue following her pages as I learn more about “ditching the carbs”.My biggest takeaway from this class is that I am doing the right thing by. Moving to an LCHF lifestyle is the best decision I have ever made for my own health. I have more energy, I am losing weight, again, I’ve learned cooking tips and tricks that will help me stay on track for the rest of my life.

Carmen, United States of America

The whole family has leapt on board!

I was skeptical. I’d been going it alone for over a year with fair success at first (8kilos down in 2 months) which broke my sugar addiction, without hunger etc, but then I “plateaued” for almost a year. No amount of determination, exercise or “expert” dietitian or doctors’ advice was helping. They even seemed to make it worse with 6 kilos climbing back on again.But this course reassured me I wasn’t alone, and gave me the tools, tips and resources I need to find where and why I’d hit a wall. And best of all, made it so easy and enjoyable that my whole family has leapt aboard… there’s a lot more cooking at first, but it’s sooooo worth it. I spent my whole life hurting us all with bad advice, but we’re free now.And life is tastier than ever.

Ani, Straya

l have made more progress than any time before in my 30 odd years of dieting.

In the 4 weeks of PRO, l had made more progress than any time before in my 30 odd years of dieting. I had been following Libby for some time before PRO and found her so refreshing and real. I could tell Libby had a genuine desire to help people. I have set many goals but never achieved them, until Libby and the PRO community came into my life. The support is amazing, and no one judges. I know l am a stronger woman now with conviction, forever striving. Best of all it is great spending time with like-minded people.

I LOVE the weekly lessons and Libby live. Also the mini-challenges, they boost my confidence, (not that l have totally smashed them all). But they are fun and even the ones l haven’t participated in, are fun watching everybody else achieving goals. Best of all is the community. It is a safe place to share ups and downs.

So far l have lost nearly 5kg and a few centimetres all over. My biggest victory is gaining consistency and learning to take it day by day. Oh yes, the other thing is, for once my cooking skills have improved (or it is l tune in more to low carb recipes) It is great to be complemented in the kitchen even though my husband and son are not low carb.

Diane, New Zealand

Steady loss without feeling hungry

Inspiring, supportive, informative & the recipes on your website are so diverse that I have a whole repertoire of recipes. Overall a real eye-opener as to how to eat tasty food, feel full & not be on a “diet. 2kg, overall 22 cms. A good steady loss without feeling hungry, you can’t beat that. I will continue to do low carb, slow & steady wins the race, right? 🙂


Best course I have done in years!

Awesome work Libby. This was one of the best courses I have done in years. Carrol says “Listen to Libby”. It is my new mantra. LCHF works for me!

Carrol Ann, Canada

I’ve lost 37cms from my bust, waist and hips in the last 4 weeks.

After doing my own research a few years ago, I started on my low carb journey. After initially losing around 15kg, my weight loss stalled and I became disillusioned. Luckily I found Libby on the internet and joined her pro course. It’s been what I needed to get my passion back for thi wau of eating.Libby’s videos are truly inspiring and I loved all the recipes, information and hearing all the other members wins and struggles.My weight loss has started again, I’ve lost 37cms from my bust, waist and hips in the last 4 weeks. I’m sleeping better and feel reinvigorated! Thanks so much, Libby!

Sue, Australia

I joined PRO because of my fear of backsliding, and the community!

I joined the PRO membership because of my fear of backsliding, and the community!

I don’t have the time (or the inclination, actually) to participate in all our activities but I love the support I get from other members and Libby when I need it. I check the Facebook posts almost every day but have decided that I will no longer stress about my weight. If I overeat carbs my body lets me know – have developed a close relationship to my bathroom if you get my meaning. Ditch the Carbs is more about health than appearance for me. Thank you all.

I have been the same weight for at least a month, hovering around my goal which is probably heavier than normal but my Doc says I should stay a bit heavy because of osteoporosis. Nevertheless, I have gone down two sizes and just had to buy new jeans, imagine that!

Carrol Ann

My glucose readings are gradually getting lower

I was no stranger to LCHF when I signed up for Libby’s 4 week PRO course. Over the years I have lost 79 pounds and regained a lot of my health. However some things still weren’t quite right and remained a mystery. Reading the materials and watching Libby’s videos and Facebook Lives enabled me to zero in on solutions to my still high glucose readings. With Libby’s personalized help on tracking and suggestions on when to take additional blood sugar readings, I have more knowledge of what foods can cause glucose spikes for ME. This is individual – what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all. I couldn’t be more pleased with the knowledge I’ve gained through Libby’s dedication to educate us on low carb and keto diet nutrition to help everyone to attain improved health and wellbeing!I can’t really choose as I loved it all but I was blown away by the personal attention!My results were non-scale victories. My glucose readings are gradually getting lower and that was my biggest reason for taking the course. The PRO membership has allowed me to improve my health even more with the knowledge and support that I KNOW that I will get!

Camilla, USA

Well worth joining

This course was inspirational for me The help and encouragement from Libby and fellow participants was an added bonus.. This 4-week course is well worth joining…


Asthma gone! 10lb gone! Cravings gone! Sleep improved. LOVED the LIVE sessions

Oh Libby….thank you thank you!! I have been eating low carb for 6 years, or so I thought. I stopped eating sugar, wheat flour and rice. My asthma disappeared, and I had a lot of energy, but the scale wasn’t budging. Too many delicious Keto sweets! I now realize I was eating moderate low carb, not Keto, with portions that were too large, and way too many vegetables. Since starting your program I have lost over 10 pounds, but the best part is how much my sleep has improved! Slept 8 1/2 hours last night, for the first time in 5 Yrs. I feel wonderful, no more cravings! I know this is sustainable for me!! Loving the Keto! Never dreamed I could be satisfied with 20 carbs or under! You explained everything so clearly.I loved the Facebook Lives, and the Q&A sessions. Also love all her videos and recipes!BETTER sleep, weight loss, and inches!!!

Kathie USA Illinois

Live chats were very encouraging and educational

Libby your welcoming positive live chats were very encouraging and educational which helped sort out the overload of information that is around on LCHF, and helped to stay focused thought good and bad days. Thank you.Lost 4.2kgs and around 6cm.

Teryle, New Zealand

No more migraines and sinus problems. 7kg gone!

Since starting lchf I am living so much healthier. The course helped me over a LONG weight loss stall.The support makes it so much easier to keep going.Besides 7kg Weight loss since starting lchf, I also lost migraines and sinus problems. And I fell in love with cooking healthy and delicious whole foods. It’s so much easier than I ever thought.

Suzie, New Zealand

Libby is a wealth of knowledge!

I would highly recommend this course with Libby. She is a wealth of knowledge and a living testament to this way of life.


PRO is a self care investment for myself.

I decided to join PRO as a self-care investment for myself. I really want to continue instilling in myself the valuable things I had learned. I knew I would still need support (probably long term and ongoing) so PRO membership was the thing for me.

I love the positive energy Libby oozes. She is truly amazing, so realistic and gets it!! I love the continual lessons, the mini challenges (even though I am not a great challenge person myself, it makes it interesting). I am also loving the support from fellow members.

My results are not so much in numbers, but people are noticing I look well, I have absolutely perfect glucose control when I am strictly low carb (I’m a T1 diabetic). I still stuff up, but I am having less stuff ups these days, I have a more positive relationship with food as well. It’s nourishment, it’s not to be feared. Thank you Libby, you are a true gem!

Becks – New Zealand

For the first time in 20 years, I’m no longer considered “obese”

We can achieve most of our goals if we can keep them “top of mind “. PRO gives me ongoing education and motivation on a daily basis that I was introduced to in the 4-week course.

Sharing in the many successes

According to my RENPHO digital scale and Fitbit watch and app, for the first time in 20 years, I’m no longer considered “obese”. Fasting created the final breakthrough. Thanks to Libby and the PRO community for the ongoing education and motivation!!

Dave, USA

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